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Why TPG isthe best agency to sell your stock images & editorial news pictures?

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Unlike other agencies we don’t edit on content; our Quality Control (QC) checksare just on technical criteria. Our customers love us and the authentic style ofour photos – we have a bigger, broader and more unique collection than anyother stock library, so we want everything you’ve got. If you think you have astock image that a customer might want, then we just need to be confident thatour customers are not going to have any technical issues when they buy yourimages.

Good split and a non-exclusive agreement
We offer you a better deal than most other agencies, if Images notExclusive to us will receive 50% of all direct sales (the industry averageis 30% or less to the contributor). We’re really easy to work with, we’renon-exclusive and we don’t tie you into a long-term contract.

We’ve got dedicated salesteams around the world
We have established sales teams in key markets (Taiwan, China, & South EastAsia) and you also have the option of signing up to our network of partners whocan sell your stock images to customers in most other regions.

Contact us for more details.

Content Requirements

Basically, we need alltypes of photos and the contents about abstract, animal/wildlife, arts,backgrounds, beauty, landmarks, business, education, food & drink, medical,holidays, illustration, industry, interior, decoration, nature, travel, people,science, sports, transportation, technology, vectors, vintages, etc.

For editorial/ Livenews, we needbreaking news, celebrities, entertainment, fashion, Portraits, Movie, Drama, sports, historical etc. Ps: Kpop & Paparazzi currently are most popular topics .



Questions & Answers

    How doI get my images for sale on TPG?

    It’s simple

    1. Sign up as an TPG contributor, it only takes a minute
    2. Prepare 20 images or your gallery link for us to review
    3. Contact us and send us your photos or link
    4. We will check and reply u in 24 hours and send u the draft of contract.
    5. Sign the contract and send u the soft copy.
    6. We will provide u the ftp, ID & pwd to upload your contents and metadata.
    7. Once your images are uploaded, our Quality Control (QC) team will check them
    8. When they pass, u could log in on our website and click “Account” and “ My Photos” to see ur contents.


    QualityControl (QC)

    Stock photos and illustrations

    Photography and illustrations need topass our Quality Control (QC) checks. Make sure you check your images beforeyou submit them so you can be confident they’ll pass QC.

    • Check your images at 100%
      All images should be checked at 100% (actual pixels) for correct exposure, colour cast, noise, camera shake and that no sharpening has been applied etc. using professional imaging software.
    • JPEGs
      You can shoot or illustrate in whatever format you like, but you’ll need to submit your images to us as JPEGs.
    • Vectors (for all vector files)
    • File size of over 20MB (when uncompressed/open)
      Your JPEG file is likely to have a compressed size of 3-5MB. Opening a JPEG in an image program such as Adobe Photoshop will show you the uncompressed/open file size.


    Editorial News Pictures/ Live News

    We have an additional upload route forcollections of editorial images which might not meet our technical standardsfor regular stock imagery.

    We have high customer demand for thistype of imagery, so if you have a collection then make sure you let us know.

    Live News

    Newsworthy photography captured within24 hours of the event has different requirements to stock. Still, upload urimages on our ftp and title/caption must be embedded into the photos.


    How do Isend you my stock images?

    FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

    This is a quick and easy way to sendus your images:

    1. You’ll need an FTP client, we recommend Filezilla, FirefTP, WinSCP, Cyberduck, or Classic FTP
    1. Enter TPG’s FTP details into your FTP Client:
    • Host name: request from TPG
    • Login/username: request from TPG
    • Your password: request from TPG
    1. Drag your images to the relevant folder:
    • Live News (news, sport, entertainment less than 48 hours old)
    • Stock (try to send above 500 images)
    • Archive stock/ Historical (for all reportage and archival images)
    • Vectors (for all vector files)


    How wecheck your images

    Log in TPG website with your activecontributor account and go to “Account”, “ My Photos”, you could see all urimages on TPG site.


    Understandingstock image licensing

    As a photographer you retain thecopyright. TPG just licenses your stock images for customers to use.

    There are two image license types(Rights Managed & Royalty Free) but since 2020, you can only choose RF:

    RF stands for Royalty Free.Customers pay a one–off fee to use the image with no restrictions on how theyuse it, or how long they use it for. RF images can be used across multipleprojects, forever.

    If images contain peopleor property they need to have the right releases to be sold forcommercial use.


    Modeland property releases for stock images

    A release is a legaldocument between you and the model or property owner in your image.

    You’re free to use yourown form or you can use our sample release forms (you can request our MR &PR form) but you need to be confident the form you use is legally binding andprotects you.

    You need to keep yoursigned releases safe, as they may need to be referenced by a customer or lawyerin the future.

    We usually don’t need youto upload your releases, all you need to do is annotate your images in theimage manager to say that you have one available. We’ll get in touchto ask you for a copy if a customer or lawyer requests to see it.

    Don’tworry, if you don’t have a release, we can still sell your images foreditorial uses and If you’re sure the image can only be used editorially, youcan contact us and put the “editorial only” into the metadata so we would beaware to process your images in the right way.

    We sell lots of unreleasedimages to our editorial customers like newspapers, magazines and bookpublishers because they don’t need a release.

    When do Ineed a model release?

    If the person in yourimage can recognise themselves in any way, you’ll need a model release to sellfor commercial use. This includes crowd scenes, parts of the body orsilhouettes.


    Metadatafor TPG

    Forstock images metadata, we require some column info “Image ID, MR, PR, Keywords”

    foreditorial news picture metadata, we require title and caption embedded into thephotos.


    When andhow do I get paid for selling images

    We report sales to you every quarter

    You’ll get paid when the customer paysus. Payment processing varies from customer to customer

    If your total cleared balance is over$50, you’ll get paid.

    You can choose how you get paid fromthe following:

    • Funds transfer to your bank account
    • By PayPal

    And which currency you get paid in:

    • New Taiwan Dollars (NTD)
    • Renminbi (CNY)
    • UK Pounds Sterling (GBP)
    • US Dollars (USD)
    • Euros (EUR)